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  • I am delighted to have one of my photographs (Landscape II) published in the Stirling Photography Festival 2022 book in the company of so many excellent photographers from all over the world. Stirling Photography Festival was created 5 years ago by a very dynamic Scottish photographer, Janie Meikle Bland, who is active in youth and community development. As the site states, ‘Janie championed the first Stirling Photography Festival in 2018 and aims to get Stirling ON THE MAP for photography and for its power to create opportunities and positive change.' That seems to be going well. Brava!

  • It is an honour for me to be 'The Artist of the Month' for the Belgian-Romanian chocolatier 'Mees Chocolates'.  Peter Mees is a man with a vision, a strong mind and a surprising creativity. We have been working together on his website and communication strategy for some time now and I have the feeling we have become soulmates, which is a rare and precious thing to have. Having my photographs linked to his vision of life and to the messages he wants to convey gives a new dimension to my work. (November - December 2021)
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